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Solar Battery Storage System

We can store solar energy in a high-performance battery storage system. Then when we face high utility bills and sudden power outages, it can supply power in time. To achieve true energy independence and security, solar battery storage systems are a perfect choice for you.

20kw Battery Storage

This 20KW energy storage system can provide you with increased reliability, improved power quality, and lower energy costs. It can operate with power from the public grid and provide power to your family in a power failure.

20kw Battery Storage Application

This energy storage system can better harness renewable resources such as wind and solar energy to help reduce power usage, providing greater flexibility and reliability for efficient power storage. We focus on providing you with reliable energy storage solutions.

Feature Listing 20kw Battery Storage

The 20KW battery storage system can continually increase the electricity production capacity. More easily serve your home. With the advantages of fashionable design, high energy, high power density, long service life, easiness of installation

Specialize In Providing You With High-Quality, High-Technology Solar Battery Storage.


System Patameters
Hybrid Inverter Parameters
Battery Parameters
EPS Output
System capacity 10.75kwh 21.5kwh
Number of battery parallel 1 2
Rated capacity of battery 210Ah 420Ah
Weight 170kg 260kg
Dimention(L*W*H) 580*350*1280mm 580*350*1800mm
Max input power 7kw
Max output power 5kw
Battery type LFP
Life ≥3500cycles
PV max input power 7kw
PV max input current 2*14A
PV Max input voltage 550V
MPPT channels 2
MPPT voltage range 125~550V
AC rated output power 5kw
AC rated output current 21.7A
Grid wires L+N+PE
Rated output voltage AC 230V
Grid voltage range AC 180~270V
Rated frequency 50/60Hz
Rated voltage 51.2V
Working voltage range 40~58.4V
Communication interfaces CAN/RS232/RS485
Constant charging current 50A
Constant discharging current 100A
Peak charging current 100A
Peak discharging current 110A
Cooling method Natural cooling
Charging temperature range 0~60℃
Discharging temperature range -20~60℃
Working relative humidity 10%-90%RH
Rated output power 5kw
Rated output current 21.7A
Rated output voltage AC 230V
Rated output frequency 50/60Hz
THDU <2%


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