Your Best Battery Energy Storage System For Home Use

Home Battery Storage System

Are you worried that the price of electricity is getting higher and higher?
Are you worried about frequent power outages in the place where you live?
If yes, you need a home battery storage system to solve the problems.
The electricity generated by solar panels is stored during the day and used for household equipment at night.
In the long run, it not only reduces electricity bills, but also protects family life from power outages.
With the progress of technology, lithium iron battery gradually has a cost advantage, which can gradually replace the commonly used lead-acid battery.
High energy density and compact structure greatly improve the utilization rate of renewable energy.

5kw Battery Storage
    Rated voltage: 51.2V,
    Rated capacity : 100-200Ah
    Battery Energy : 5120-10240Wh
    Weight(kg): 40-80kg
5kw Energy Storage System
    Rated voltage: 25.6V,
    Rated capacity : 100-200Ah
    Battery Energy : 2560-5120Wh
    Weight(kg): 13kg
10kw House Solar Batteries
    Rated voltage: 51.2V,
    Rated capacity : 100-200Ah
    Battery Energy : 5120-10240Wh
    Weight(kg): 45-80kg
15kw Battery Storage System
    Rated voltage: 51.2V,
    Rated capacity : 300Ah
    Battery Energy : 15.6KWh
    Weight(kg): 230kg
15Kwh Home Battery Storage
    Rated voltage: 307.2V,
    Rated capacity : 50Ah
    Battery Energy : 15.36Kwh
    Weight(kg): 200kg
20kw Home Solar Battery
    Rated voltage: 51.2V,
    Rated capacity : 210-420Ah
    Battery Energy : 10.75-21.5KWh
    Weight(kg): 170-260kg
21kwh Power Storage System
    Rated voltage: 204.8V,
    Rated capacity : 105Ah
    Battery Energy : 21.5KWh
    Weight(kg): 275kg
21.5KWh Solar Battery System
    Rated voltage: 51.2V,
    Rated capacity : 420Ah
    Battery Energy : 21.5KWh
    Weight(kg): 150kg

Battery Energy Storage Solutions

In the era of smart grids, diversified energy storage solutions have emerged. Solar panel battery storage has become more and more popular. It is used in industrialization or households, etc., and plays an increasingly important role in the power system, improving the utilization of renewable resources. It can also reduce the power loss you meet.

Solar Panel Battery Storage

Energy storage systems are effective energy solutions in the market at present. It is environmentally and greatly improves the utilization rate of renewable energy. The use of electricity for environmental protection has contributed to the realization of carbon neutralization in the future, reducing the waste of resources. Guangdong Hongwei can provide you with intelligent, economical, and sustainable battery energy storage solutions.

Using A Home Energy Storage System Can Be An Environmentally Friendly, Long-Term Investment That Improves Energy Efficiency.

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