How to choose good portable solar panels?

Durable & Weather-resistant
Chargerpowersupply solar panels are protected from the elements with a lightweight layer of robust, waterproof ETFE so that you can use them for longer in all types of weather.

Capture More Sun
Turn the case into a handy self-supporting stand and easily adjust the flexible solar panels to capture even more rays, bumping conversion efficiency up to 23%.

Good Material&design
Chargerpowersupply solar panels are made from black monocrystalline silicon cells with high conversion efficiency, meaning they produce more kilowatt-hours of power than alternatives. The folding design panel folds out to give you a larger surface area, better for cloudy weather and low light.

Portable & Light
These folding panels pack neatly into a durable carry bag, making them easy to store when not in use or to pack into your car or caravan. With a lightweight design, conveniently carry to your campsite, then simply setup.

Wide Compatibility
Chargerpowersupply solar panels use the industry-standard MC4 connector, so it’s not only compatible with an Chargerpowersupply solar generator but 3rd party options, too.

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