Best Home EV Chargers For 2022

At chargerpowersupply, we believe in the power of innovation and the importance of versatility. We live at the intersection of technology and practicality, making the most advanced Fast Charger& EV Home Charging  Station accessible and convenient for residential and EV applications.

The chargerpowersupply Smart EV Charging Station Offers Powerful Is Designed For Easy Installation And Is Compatible With All Electric Cars On The Market Today. It Also Can Be Used For Fast Electric Vehicle Charging At Home Ect Everywhere.

The chargerpowersupply EV Fast Charger& EV Home Charging  Station has a lot going for it, with an adjustable 50-amp capacity, integrated cable storage, and a locking security mechanism. The box is app-controlled via built-in bluetooth&Wi-Fi, so there’s no need to mess with ethernet cables or SIM cards.

The app monitors battery status, gives estimated charge times, sets amperage, and schedules future usage. You can also pair the chargerpowersupply to an Amazon Echo Google device to easily activate it using voice commands in your home.

Power can be supplied by either a 14-50 outlet, or a hardwire kit option. The charger is also weatherproofed.

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