Hongwei Technology Group DC Fast Chariging Station

What are the key issues that plague the construction of charging piles now?

1.Low Return on Investment.     2.Complex Coordination Between Piles and Parking Spaces.

3.Limited Electric Capacity.      4.Rising Operating Costs.

For the above four major problems, Hongwei Technology Group combines excellent technical innovation and rich project experience, deeply understands the pain points of customers and market demand, and creates a unique solution for deep integration of parking lots, using the four-in-one “cell phone APP + energy gateway + intelligent charging pile + intelligent parking space lock” to help operators and electric vehicle owners solve the difficult operation and charging problems. It helps operators and electric vehicle owners to solve the problems of difficult operation and charging.

Increase Return on Investment

Electric vehicle owners can find charging stations near or at their destinations online through the APP, view the status of electric piles in real time, make reservations and navigate in advance, making it convenient for vehicle owners to find piles for charging while maximizing the efficiency of charging piles. In addition, Hongwei Technology Group original solution of deep integration of parking lots, based on charging operation, realizes parking space management and parking fee collection through the access of intelligent parking locks, maximizing operation revenue and reducing investment cost recovery cycle.

Maximize Electric Capacity

For the problem of difficult to build piles due to limited power capacity, Hongwei Technology Group ’s self-developed energy gateway can detect the dynamic remaining capacity of power distribution and charging pile output power in real time, and use energy dispatching to allocate the real-time remaining capacity to charging piles to achieve the maximum utilization of power capacity. In addition, Hongwei Technology Group establishes a systematic cooperation model with energy-saving renovation companies to help customers solve the problem of limited power capacity and make the construction of charging piles more economical and feasible.

Coordinated Management of Piles and Parking Spaces

The “Smart Charging Pile + Smart Parking Lock” has the functions of parking space monitoring and locking up, and the smart parking lock automatically locks up when the user makes a reservation for the charging pile through the APP, and the electric vehicle owner can park and charge after the APP unlocks it upon arrival. The program also supports charging parking fees for fuel vehicles that occupy the charging parking space or electric vehicles that occupy the parking space for a long time after charging, realizing real sense of parking space management and intelligent charging. The program does not require the operator’s manual participation and solves the problem of difficult parking space coordination while increasing operating revenue.

Reduce Operating Costs
The charging station operation and management platform built by Hongwei Technology Group  upholds the value concept of openness and sharing. The platform supports the access of different manufacturers and different models of charging pile equipment, and reserves open interfaces to allow data access and function integration with other management systems. The cloud service architecture supports the integration of different charging pile resources and the formation of a unified big data platform to realize interconnection in the true sense. The platform is equipped with various functions such as monitoring, maintenance, payment, reporting and hierarchical management, realizing charging operation automation and reducing daily management costs of charging operators. At the same time, the open and unified big data application and function integration, and various payment methods (such as Visa card payment, Google pay, Apple Pay, etc.) can effectively improve user experience and reduce operation and management costs.

The above solutions have been patented and widely used in many places in the world, and have been well received by charging operations, property management and electric vehicle owners. Accelerate the construction of charging piles, new energy electric vehicles to better meet the future.

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